Jillur Quddus

Founder and Chief Data Scientist

About Me

Founder and Chief Data Scientist

Jillur Quddus is a chief data scientist, principal polyglot software engineer and published author who specialises in the mathematical and technical design and engineering of distributed, elastic, low-latency, high-performance, ethical and secure artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Jillur is also the founder of HyperLearning AI which he started with the aim of ensuring that AI delivers real and positive social impact, as well as improving accessibility and diversity in the fields of applied mathematics, scientific computing, computer science and artificial intelligence.

Jillur has deep experience of applying artificial intelligence to combat serious organised crime, cyber-enabled crime, financial crime and fraud, as well as designing and engineering bespoke deep neural architectures embedded within smart devices via low-latency real-time neural interfaces applied to a range of exciting and innovative use cases including smart cities, predictive maintenance and asset failure. Jillur has significant experience of working within central and local government, intelligence, law enforcement and energy & utilities, and has worked extensively across the world including in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


Core Skills
  • Software Engineering

    Java, Scala, Python, Spring Framework, SQL, Linux Shell Scripting

  • Data Science

    Statistical Learning, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing

  • Applied Graph Theory

    Network Analysis, Apache TinkerPop, Distributed Graph Computing Frameworks

  • Distributed Computing

    Distributed Compute and Storage, Streaming, NoSQL databases

  • Common Data Platforms

    Design Patterns, Open Source Stack, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

  • Innovation and Rapid Prototyping

    Hypotheses-driven innovation, Prototyping, Research and Development

Selected Projects
  • Joint Biosecurity Centre (UK)

    Principal Data Scientist

    Modelling the global transmission of COVID-19, and simulating and evaluating the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions including local lockdown measures.

  • Government (UK)

    Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer

    Combatting Dark Web-enabled serious organised crime, including the analysis of anonymous decentralised networks and cryptographic protocols.

My Courses

Data Science, Software Engineering and Data Engineering

Career Pathway Level Course
Data Scientist Beginner 1.1. Introduction to Python
Data Scientist Beginner 1.2. Python for Data Analysis
Data Scientist Beginner 1.3. Linear Algebra
Data Scientist Intermediate 2.1. Statistical Learning
Data Scientist Intermediate 2.2. Applied Machine Learning
Data Scientist Intermediate 2.3. Distributed Machine Learning
Data Scientist Advanced 3.1. Applied NLP
Data Scientist Advanced 3.2. Applied Graph Theory
Data Scientist Advanced 3.3. Real-Time Machine Learning
Data Scientist Expert 4.1. Introduction to Deep Learning
Data Scientist Expert 4.2. Applied Deep Learning
Data Scientist Expert 4.3. Deep Learning for NLP
Software Engineer Beginner 1.1. Introduction to Python
Software Engineer Beginner 1.2. Introduction to Java
Software Engineer Beginner 1.3. Object Oriented Programming
Software Engineer Intermediate 2.1. Object Mapping
Software Engineer Intermediate 2.2. Test Driven Development
Software Engineer Intermediate 2.3. CI/CD
Software Engineer Advanced 3.1. Introduction to Spring Boot
Software Engineer Advanced 3.2. Web Application Development
Software Engineer Advanced 3.3. REST API Development
Data Engineer Beginner 1.1. Introduction to Python
Data Engineer Beginner 1.2. Python for Data Analysis
Data Engineer Beginner 1.3. Introduction to Java
Data Engineer Beginner 1.4. Object Oriented Programming
Data Engineer Intermediate 2.1. Object Mapping
Data Engineer Intermediate 2.2. Test Driven Development
Data Engineer Intermediate 2.3. CI/CD
Data Engineer Advanced 3.1. Distributed Data Engineering
Data Engineer Advanced 3.2. Real-Time Data Processing
Data Engineer Advanced 3.3. Real-Time Machine Learning