Georgia Crossley-Smith

Data Scientist • HyperLearning AI

About Me

Georgia Crossley-Smith is a data scientist intern at HyperLearning AI where she is assisting with the design, development and evaluation of natural language processing (NLP) based machine learning models capable of performing fully-automated personalised content generation and topic modelling using the latest open-source technologies and frameworks for artificial intelligence.

Georgia is an applied mathematician who enjoys solving complex real-world problems through the application of advanced mathematical, statistical and computational methods to structured and unstructured data. Through her internship with HyperLearning AI, in addition to her ongoing studies of BSc Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science at the University of Bath, Georgia is aiming to gain hands-on experience of how data science can be applied to a wide range of exciting and innovative use-cases, at an organisation which shares her values regarding improving diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in mathematics and scientific computing.

Core Skills

  • Data Science
    Applied Mathematics • Statistics • Data Analysis • Natural Language Processing
  • Software Engineering
    Python • Python for Scientific Computing • Scikit-learn • GitHub

Selected Projects

  • POB - Data Scientist
    Fully-automated topic modelling and personalised content generation using NLP-based machine learning models.
  • British Red Cross - Student Volunteer
    Customer engagement and assistance, donation assessment and valuations, and shop housekeeping.