Data as a Service

Complete and Trustworthy Data On-Demand

Data as a Service in 3 steps

Enabling organisations to quickly and securely deliver trustworthy data on-demand

Data Discovery
Step 1 - Data Discovery

Enhanced data accessibility and visibility

We help organisations to comprehensively identify and understand not only the data, but the people, skills, systems, applications, processes, relationships and interactions that make up their enterprise data management landscape. By taking a user-driven approach, a data discovery enables organisations to understand what data they have, where it is, how it is produced and consumed, how it is governed, and the challenges and opportunities that their data provides.

Common Data Model
Step 2 - Common Data Model

A common language for simpler data integration

Informed by the outputs of the data discovery, we help organisations to bring together data from disparate systems by building and visualizing an interactive ontology-based common data model. This provides organisations with a universal map that defines and links together the standard entities that represent related business concepts and activities. It also provides a common data language that acts as a shared data model when integrated with legacy and modern applications and systems, enabling simpler, more cost-effective and trustworthy data and system integration.

Common Data Platform
Step 3 - Common Data Platform

Scalable and secure enterprise data management

We help organisations to manage, process and deliver all of their structured and unstructured data by building cost-effective, scalable and secure cloud-based common data platforms, fully-integrated with and co-ordinated by the common data model. We design common data platforms baselined against reference architecture that are technology and vendor agnostic in order to reduce the risks and costs associated with enterprise digital transformation and platform implementation, and design services that are interoperable, reusable and secure by default.

Customer Story

Delivering a universal map of connected data assets at Highways England

Delivering a universal map of connected data assets at Highways England

HyperLearning AI worked in partnership with Highways England to deliver a universal map of their connected data assets, thereby enhancing the visibility and accessibility of disparate datasets and associated systems within their complex data management landscape.

We designed, built and deployed a series of open, interoperable and scalable cloud-based web services, including REST APIs and an interactive web application, to enable the visualisation, search, exploration and management of their ontology-based conceptual data model, making it accessible to a broader range of stakeholders.

In collaboration with the Centre for Digital Built Britain, we then expanded this capability into an open source framework called OntoPop that enables the visualisation, search, exploration and management of any ontology describing any given domain.

A universal map of connected data assets at Highways England

A universal map of connected data assets at Highways England

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