Credits and Attribution

Supporting the open source community

Open source software libraries and frameworks help power the digital world, including almost all technologies and computing platforms that we all use on a daily basis. In fact, a significant number of commercial cloud-based managed services are in fact commercial wrappers around open source frameworks (but with the added non-functional benefits). As such, HyperLearning AI believe it is critically important to support the open source community and that, as a minimum, websites should clearly credit and attribute all the open source libraries that they use under-the-hood.

The following open source HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks and libraries are used to power the HyperLearning AI website.

Software Library License Link
Animate.css MIT license Link
Bootstrap MIT license Link
Font Awesome (Free) CC BY 4.0, SIL OFL 1.1 and MIT license Link
Grav MIT license Link
Hamburgers MIT license Link
iCheck MIT license Link
JQuery MIT license Link
JQuery Appear MIT license Link
JQuery FlexSlider GNU GPL v2.0 Link
JQuery Nice Select MIT license Link
Magnific Popup MIT license Link
Modernizr MIT license Link
Owl Carousel MIT license Link
Parallax MIT license Link
Popper MIT license Link
Prism MIT license Link
Progress Bar MIT license Link
Themify Icons Open Font License (OFL) Link
Wow MIT license Link

The HyperLearning AI website was built using a customised version of the absolutely awesome © Udema static web template developed by Ansonika, and integrated with the ridiculously fast and fantastic Grav open source flat-file content management system.