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Who we are and What we do

Our Mission

We build data-driven digital solutions that deliver positive social impact

Our Mission
HyperLearning AI was launched in September 2020 by Jillur Quddus

Our mission at HyperLearning AI is to design and build human-centered and data-driven digital solutions that can be applied to real-world problems and deliver positive social impact. To achieve this, we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Data as a Service - we transform legacy on-premise disparate data estates by developing common data models to deliver data standardisation and governance, and building common data platforms to deliver data securely and on-demand to users anywhere in the world.
  • Applied Data Science - we design and deploy statistical modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to uncover hidden patterns and generate actionable insights from structured and unstructured data, underpinned by ethical frameworks and social values.
  • Digital Training - we enable organisations to empower their people to design and build their own data-driven digital solutions through the delivery of our bespoke and in-depth training courses in software engineering and data science.

Meet our Founder

Our founder and chief data scientist